Communications, 2 Way Messaging, Web Tracking, GPS

Communications, 2 Way Messaging, OrderTracking, GPS

Active Real Time tracking and Messaging. The powerful 2-way messaging system provides all of the necessary tools to quickly send voice messages to all of our drivers, and they can respond directly back.

GPS Antenna

GPS Systems for tracking

GPS systems
GPS systems use communication with satellite positioning to pinpoint the location of the GPS vehicle to within a square meter.

The Tracking System
Tracking System refers to the applications that incorporates the GPS and GIS technologies. Typically they consist of a GPS unit integrated with 2 way communication device to a central GIS server.

Mapping application provides the activity tracking and visibility in a map view or a tabulated view.

Order Tracking
Track your orders round the clock. Provide round the clock visibility of trucks and trailer (or other high value asset) location, status and security.